Content delivery truck has no brakes... beep. beep.

Does anyone else look at sites (Kinja or others) that you may be a part of and feel a bit guilty for not having the time to write fully-fleshed articles? Beware my rambling (and in all likelihood excuse-making) but this ties in to what 99T was addressing a few weeks ago, on the other end of the content scale. » 6/11/14 1:23pm 6/11/14 1:23pm

Get yourself started with a GM tool kit

When I first started GMing, I honestly didn't know what tools were available to me to make my weekend masterminding easier. But in the years since, I've become inordinately dependent on a few key ingredients that can serve any GM, no matter the game. These are all cheap and inexpensive items I wish someone had… » 5/02/14 2:45am 5/02/14 2:45am