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The mobile home where I keep my legs
The mobile home where I keep my legs

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*sigh* Young Justice's knack of The Light always being one step ahead of everyone—-and their nefarious 'it's all going according to evil plan' schtick at the end of every episode—-is getting very very tiresome.

Got hit with the norovirus tonight. Anyone wary of it needs to wash their hands religiously, bleach everything they can and stock up on a canister or two of flavorless Pedialyte to sip. Because it is an absolutely unrelenting asshole. Pedialyte especially has been a lifesaver.

So it seems I'm still trapped in the grey limbo of comments. And unable to post in the observationdeck. :( Given this new content-hungry io9 (and the rewards or punishment therein), it genuinely sucks to find your voice so marginalized.